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We kindly invite you to EAIPA’s new Online-Series „Artists in Focus“, which starts on November 9th with Mental health in focus‘. With this online series we connect to our last season’s series „Fairness in Focus“. Please note all dates (9.11./18.1./14.3./16.5.) – we will discuss very interesting themes and topics, that directly address the situations of artists.

#1        09.11.2023 – Mental health in focus
#2       18.01.2024 – Career support
#3       14.03.2024 – Arts as public health service
#4       16.05.2024 – Chain of responsibilities: funding politics

The event will be held in English language, please register here.

You can find the documentation of our recent event series „Fairness in Focus“ here.

Artists in Focus:

#1        09.11.2023 – Mental health in focus
How do the working conditions and career prospects affect the mental health of artists? Over the past years, personal well-being has increasingly become a topic in societal discourse and has also found its way into funding criteria for performing arts. We present current studies and their findings and will interview and artists and experts.

#2       18.01.2024 – Career support
Building a sustainable career in the performing arts comes with its challenges. Whether it is about special medical attention or career development prospects: in some European countries, some structures have been established to support artists in different aspects of their career. We will present some best practice examples and hear from artists and their experiences.

#3      14.03.2024 – Arts as public health service
What can the arts do for public health? Throughout Europe, there are many examples of artist-driven projects that directly address communities with special needs. Whether it is the “arts on prescription” in the Baltic Sea region or dance classes for people with chronic diseases. Arts can do a lot for an individual’s well-being, but does this imply that artists are obliged to cover needs or gaps in the social system?

#4       16.05.2024 – Chain of responsibilities: funding politics
We examine several European funding politics in regards to fair working conditions. Do funders query how individual artists are treated in the structures they are funding? Is the allocation of funds transparent and the working climate fair? We review some models where funding structures have put some monitoring mechanisms in place, whether or not they bring an improvement for artists and where more support is needed for a fairer treatment of artists at their workplace.

The umbrella organisation EAIPA was founded in September 2018 and currently counts 21 member organisations from 17 countries.
EAIPA operates at B2B level, its members being interest groups or representatives of the individual member countries, which in turn represent actors from the Independent Performing Arts field. Therefore, EAIPA represents people, companies and theatres working in Europe’s independent Performing Arts sector, and it responds to Europe’s cultural policy making by collecting up-to-date information, initiating new policy proposals and by raising visibility for the needs and achievements of the sector. 

Facebook:EAIPA European Association of Independent Performing Arts

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Artists in Focus – You are invited

We kindly invite you to EAIPA’s new Online-Series „Artists in Focus“, which starts on November 9th with Mental health in focus‘. With this online series we connect...

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