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Summary of things to keep in mind while writing an application, based on points from performing artist Ólöf Ingólfsdóttir, which she compiled for SL. At the bottom of this post you will find a template for a production schedule as well as a checklist (both in English and Icelandic) which can be useful while writing an application, although it is primarily intended as a helpful tool during production. Note that the document is locked, so it is necessary to select File : Make A Copy to be able to format the file to your own needs.

Writing an application

Writing an application is an integral part of the development process of artistic projects. Use the application developement to get to know the project better, define it and start to visualise what it might look like.

Project framework

Give a clear account of the basics of the project:

*What? – Form and duration of work

*Who? – Authors and performers

*How? – Method and processes

*Where? – Venue

*When? – Project timeframe

Essence and implementation

What is the name of the piece? Try to give a clear idea of the work in one sentence. The sentence must be descriptive of the work, and works best if it also arouses interest and curiosity with the reader. It can also be helpful to practice describing the work in 20 words, 50 words, etc.


What kind of experience can the audience expect? The world of the work, scale, atmosphere, aesthetics, technology, novelty. A mood-board can give clues about the aesthetics and style of the work, but is necessary.

Idea, background, drive

The inner flame of the artist. Why does the artist want to make this work? Why is this the very work that this artist needs to create now? May be a personal reason, a societal reason or a combination of both. An artist’s creation is a conversation with society. How does this work speak to the present? Here you have an opportunity to better explain the concept and approach of the work.


A budget is an excellent tool to understand the scope and execution of the project. All artistic decisions are translated into cost figures. What is the salary during the rehearsal period: how many people receive a salary, how long is the rehearsal period and how is it structured. Make a realistic budget with fair and reasonable compensations, and remember to cover all forseeable costs. The budget in the application form has become a pretty good document, you have to fill it in, but you can draft the plan in another form if you want and enter itinto the application form.

There are instructions (albeit in Icelandic) on Rannís‘ website on how to fill out an application here:

Final steps

Get someone you trust to read the application. Is the application understandable to others? Check grammar and spelling carefully so that the application is a pleasure to read.

Production schedule and checklist

Here you can access a production planner and a checklist that may be a helpful tool when making an application. The document is intended as a useful tool for planning and management during production. Note that it is necessary to select File : Make A Copy to edit the document and tailor it to your own needs.

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Tools for project funding applications

Summary of things to keep in mind while writing an application, based on points from performing artist Ólöf Ingólfsdóttir, which she compiled for SL. At the bottom of this post you...

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