Guidelines for wages and project payments for applications to the performing arts fund 2022

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Please note that in these guidelines it is assumed that this is an full show, for adults. For smaller exhibitions, this can be used as a basis to calculate from. 

Be advised, the artist’s salary is considered the absolute minimum payment and note that the artist’s salary is defined according to regulation as a 67% percentage of full-time work, also it is a contractor fee, a monthly sum for the year 2023 ISK. 490,920 

When calculating the contractor’s markup, FÍL sets it as at least 35% surcharge, but FLÍ has indicated that at least a 40% surcharge should be calculated, this then covers all statutory wage-related expenses and those stipulated in collective bargaining agreements.

The contractor’s markup or premium is designed to cover all fees that employers must pay, such as payments to trade unions, which include the health-fund, vacation-fund and continuing education-fund; public fees, i.e. general insurance fees and occupational insurance fees, market fees and fees to the wage guarantee fund; counter-contribution to the employee’s pension fund (in addition to the contribution to the rehabilitation fund), also the employee coul dopt to pay a higher rate into the private savings of the pension fund and employers are then obliged to pay the correct contribution; potential accident and health insurance etc.

If the budgeted salary is lower than the artist’s salary, an explanation or written agreements with the artists must be included to explain and confirm these loered fees. 

It is important to calculate market wages as they are at any given time.

Actors, singers and dancers 2022

For the work contribution of these artists, the artist salary should be considered an absolute minimum.

The starting monthly salary for an actor at an institutional theater (Icelandic National Theatre) is as of January 1, 2022 ISK. 550,834 + 10,500 v economic growth increase = 561,334 or  ISK. 757,801 with 35% contractor surcharge.  

In addition to the monthly fee, actors are paid for each performance ISK 9,561 or ISK. 12,907 with 35% contractor surcharge.

An actor is hired according to collective bargaining agreement for at least 4 months. The minimum wage is therefore: ISK 2,245,336 employee salary  / ISK 3,031,204 with a 35% contractor surcharge.

This should be the starting point as it is the salary that the actors’ contracting parties have agreed upon in a collective bargaining agreement to be the minimum salary for actors. You can find out a percentage of the total salary if the rehersal period is shorter than 2 months (8 weeks).

Fees per performance should be a minimum ISK. 32,000 (NB. figure from 2014) for a full-length show. For the year 2023 an acceptable fee per performance could be three times the amount above (ISK 12,907):  ISK. 38,721  or four times: ISK. 51,628 if no monthly salary is paid at the same time.

Set and costume designers 2022

In cases where the same person is hired to do both jobs, the minimum salary is: ISK. 3,059,589 employee salary  / ISK 4,130,445 with 35% contractor surcharge.

If two seperate individuals are hired ie. stage design and costume design. The fee for each employee should be ISK. 2,353,530/  ISK 3,177,266  with a 35% contractor surcharge.  

Additional payment is required for each performance over 8: ISK. 8,943,  12,074 with a 35% contractor surcharge.

These numbers are from the agreements between FÍL and the Minister of Finance w. of the National Theater and are valid from January 1, 2022

Choreographers 2022

Minimum fee: ISK. 2,353,530/  ISK 3,177,266 with a 35% contractor surcharge.  

Additional payment is required for each performance over 8: ISK. 8,943,  12,074 with a 35% contractor surcharge.

These numbers are from the agreements between FÍL and the Minister of Finance v. of the National Theater and are valid from January 1, 2022

Directors 2022

Monthly wages for members of FLÍ – Directors’ Association in Iceland, based on FLÍ’s current collective bargaining agreement with the National Theater and the Ministry og Finance:

1st step ISK 636,680 / 891,352 with a 40% contractor surcharge.

2nd step ISK. 653,261 / 914,565 with a 40% contractor surcharge.

3rd step ISK. 670,357 / 938,500 with a 40% contractor’s premium.

4th step ISK. 687,982 / 963,175 with a 40% contractor surcharge.

5th step ISK. 706,151 / 988,611 with a 40% contractor surcharge.

6th step ISK. 724,883 / 1,014,836 with a 40% contractor’s premium.

7th step ISK 744,193.- / 1,041,870 with a 40% contractor surcharge.

8th step ISK. 764,102.- / 1,069,743 with a 40% contractor surcharge.

The categories and duration of stage performances determine the monthly salary as follows:

Staging 1  – A particularly difficult show for a large stage, with a large number of participants and complex stage designs, will cost a minimum of  five months’ salary . New Icelandic plays and full-length co-creations must fall into that category.

Stage setting 2  – Regular evening shows, longer than 60 minutes and children’s shows, longer than 60 minutes must be paid at least  four months’ salary . 

Stage setting 3  – Shorter shows, 70 minutes or less and children’s shows, 60 minutes or less must be paid at least  three months’ salary . 

This information is from the institutional agreement between FLÍ and the Þjóðleichús, according to the collective bargaining agreement between FLÍ and the Minister of Finance on behalf of the National Treasury, and these figures are valid as of April 1, 2022

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