1. The Association of Independent Theaters in Iceland (AITI) is an alliance of professional performing arts companies and individuals. It is a platform for safeguarding the common interests and the coordination of independent performing arts in Iceland. AITI is the represent for a dialogue with the government, lobbying to improve their working environment and for increased visibility. SL safeguards the interests of the independent performing arts so that they can operate freely, independently and on their own terms.
  2. AITI supports the ever-changing activities of the performing artists so that they can be in tune with present needs, responding quickly to societal challenges and being active and fertile in the art community. For artistic development to occur the we need to secure the right conditions for the performing arts environment based on extensive research and experimentation in the field of performing arts. Freedom and creativity of the independent performing arts is based on financial independence of the sector so companies can work with social responsibility, foresight and artistic ambition.
  3. AITI works on promoting a strong international network with an active membership in international organisations linked to regional arts, both Nordic, European and worldwide. Thus, AITI builds an air bridge for self-employed performing artists in Iceland for dissemination and development in the international community. AITI participation in the international arena provides a realistic basis for the continued expansion and invasion of professionals performing arts of the future.
  4. The aim of AITI is to create a diverse and creative society in Iceland, taking care of the interests of professional performing arts companies, consisting of educated performing artists who choose to work independently. AITI expects the work done among the independent performing arts to be a catalyst and a source of energy for all the country’s performing arts.


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