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Theatres and venues in Iceland

Tjarnarbíó Theatre – home of the independent performing arts

Reykjavík City Theatre

The National Theatre of Iceland

Akureyri Culture Company – in the town of Akureyri – north of Iceland

The Freezer Theatre – theatre, residency space and hostel

The Gablers Theatre Company – independent theatre in the town of Hafnarfjordur

Dansverkstæðið – work rooms for choreographers

Performing Arts Unions Iceland

Icelandic Actors Union – for actors, dancers, singers, stage & costume designers

The Icelandic Association of Professional Dancers

Icelandic Association of stage, film and tv directors

Icelandic dramatists union

Icelandic amateur theatre association

Performing Arts Iceland

Performing arts funds

Professional Theatre Groups Fund – Iceland

The Artists’ Salaries – Iceland

Culture grants – Icelandic Ministry of Culture

Nordisk Kulturfond –  www.nordiskkulturfond.orgNordic Culture Point | Cultural grants –

Fondet for Dansk-Islandsk Samarbejde   –

Norsk-islandsk kultur­samarbeid –

The Icelandic-Finnish Cultural Foundation –

Þjóðhátíðargjöf Norðmanna –

Sænsk-íslenski samstarfssjóðurinn

The American-Scandinavian Foundation

International Organisations

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Performing Arts Hub Norway

The Development Platform for the Performing Arts – Denmark

Teatercentrum – Sweden


Fréttir og tilkynningar úr starfi sjálfstæðra sviðslistahópa. Sendið okkur póst á

Tools for project funding applications

Summary of things to keep in mind while writing an application, based on points from performing artist Ólöf Ingólfsdóttir, which she compiled for SL. At the bottom of this post you...

Independent performing artists – 40 nominations for Gríman – The Icelandic Performing Arts Awards

Nominations for Gríman were announced in Tjarnarbíó June 5th. Independent performing artists receive numerous accolades. We congratulate all performing artists on well deserved recognition...

Guidelines for wages and project payments for applications to the performing arts fund 2022

Please note that in these guidelines it is assumed that this is an full show, for adults. For smaller exhibitions, this can be used as...