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24th February

The artists behind Kvistur art group are Eyrún Ósk Jónsdóttir and Hildur Kristín Thorstensen. They both studied drama abroad. Eyrún in London and Hildur in Paris.

The group has performed projects both home and on festivals abroad: Stage theatre projects, happenings and radio plays.

We are a young art group, and enjoy playing on the edge between theatre, happenings and installations.


Phone 774-1351 (Eyrún) and 695-9056 (Hildur)


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20th January

SmartíLab is the directoral theatre work of Sara Martí. Her collaborations with artists and technicians from every conceivable background – choreographers, puppeteers, filmmakers, musicians, designers and visual artists- have resulted in critically acclaimed, award winning productions, recognized for their visual power. 

Martí´s VaVaVoom Theatre production of Breaking News was nominated for two awards at the Icelandic Theatre Awards and the music theatre piece Wide Slumber (also a VaVaVoom Theatre & Bedroom Community Production) won the “Music Theatre Now” awards in Rotterdam in May 2016.

Reykjavik Ensemble

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6th January

REYKJAVÍK ENSEMBLE International Theatre Company was founded in the autumn of 2019 by theatre and opera director Pálína Jónsdóttir and her collaborator Ewa Marcinek, project manager and writer. The company is the first and the only independent world theatre in Iceland. Its innovative and pioneering work creates an active professional theatre platform for multinational theatre artists, whose work is celebrated regardless of origin, gender or mother tongue. The company develops and produces creative performances from original, modern and classic works that appeal to the diverse and multinational audience of Iceland. During their initial theatrical year they were honored the title Reykjavik’s Art Group of 2020 by the City of Reykjavík and nominated to Gríman – The Icelandic Performing Arts Awards as Sproti ársins, Innovation Award of 2020. Polishing Iceland was selected one of the best theatre performances of 2020 by the theatre … Read More »

Benjamin Danielsson

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19th June

“I am an actor, director, playwright and dramaturg who studied acting at East 15 Acting School.  My passion is in creating pieces that are challenging and that encourage the audience to think carefully about issues that connect to wider society.  I am strongly interested in creating material that asks big ethical questions.”



Contact:;  Mobile: +354 6636698Webpage:

The Comedy theatre Iceland

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12th January

The Comedy theatre is the first and only professional theater in the Westfjords, founded in 1997. The Comedy theatre is based in the fishing village Thingeyri in the fjords of the animals. The theater has hosted about 50 plays that most commonly share the history of the Westfjords in one way or another. The Comedy theater has focused on solos that have attracted much attention both here and abroad. The first solo play was Act without words, 2001, by Samuel Beckett, after that all the solo plays have come from our theater. Among them are Muggur, 2002, Steinn Steinarr, 2003, Gísli Súrsson, 2005, Pétur and Einar, 2008, Jón Sigurðsson boy from the west, 2011, Mountain Eyvindur 2013, Grettir, 2015, and Gísli from Uppsölum, 2017, Dimmalimm, 2019.

Our most popular plays are
Gisli Sursson and Grettir wich are both based on … Read More »

Improv Iceland

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12th January


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12th January

Steinunn Ketils

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12th January

The Gablers Theatre Company

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12th January

The Gabler´s Theatre Company is a group of theatre professionals that run a small theatre in the pretty town of Hafnarfjörður (well known for its elf population and viking festival), 15 kilometers from downtown Reykjavik. The purpose of the company is to enhance the Icelandic theatre scene by running a progressive theatre that looks for fresh ideas and new directions in plays and productions. The theatre focuses on theatre for young audience both by engaging young people in its productions and building a strong audience base in the age group from 2 year old to 25.

One of the aims of the Gabler´s Theatre Company is to build a powerful educational base in theatre arts  for children and teenagers in Iceland. Cooperation with schools and youth centers is the way to accomplish this. Today the theatre is already organizing and teaching … Read More »

The Freezer Theatre

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12th January

As a professional theatre, The Freezer produces new shows, performed in english and created by local artists. All of the shows in this fish factory style theatre have received rave reviews and the Freezer has an excellent reputation for creating highly ambitious and entertaining shows of high quality and standard.


The Freezer´s shows are usually inspired by stories and sagas from West Iceland, as its main goal is to rejuvenate these sometimes forgotten tales and make them come alive for new audiences in an exciting and unforgettable way.


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12th January

phone: 8919488
Fimbulvetur was founded in 2001 and the first project was Skáld Leitar Harm by Guðmundur Inga Þorvaldsson, directed by Friðrik Friðriksson in the Hafnarfjarlehushus Soul. Since then, Fimbulvetur has put on numerous exhibitions, imported foreign artists, produced television material, released music to name a few.
Fimbulveter’s concept is primarily contemporary and close-knit. Fimbulvetur is a seeker and does not limit himself to work methods but adapts to the level of content at any given time.

Dance for me

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12th January

Dance For Me is the award-winning collaboration of performance makers Pétur Ármannsson (IS) and Brogan Davison (UK). Their first project, Dance for me (2013), propelled them into the international performance scene and they have since made Petra (2014), Stripp (2016), The Brogan Davison Show (2017) and The Brogan Davison Show (2019). Located within the field of real fiction, their work explores the relationship of a lived life and it’s representation and tackles questions that arise from the act of staging a ‘self’ through their trademark vulnerable and off-key approach to performance making.  Dance For Me’s work has been presented in dance and theatre contexts in Iceland, Germany, Norway, Denmark, the UK, the Netherlands, Finland, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland and Canada in venues such as Lókal International Performance Festival, Reykjavík Dance Festival (Iceland), Mousonturm (Germany), BIT Teatergarasjen (Norway) and Bora Bora, … Read More »


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11th January

Performance/Installation group CGFC was founded in the summer of 2015 and has since then produced various installations and performances, showing all over Iceland and all countries in Scandinavia except Denmark, but the members have some danish friends so hopefully they will get there soon. It aims at sharing fun moments with its audience and experimenting with space, colours and textiles. CGFC consists of Arnar Geir Gústafsson, Birnir Jón Sigurðsson, Hallveig Kristín Eiríksdóttir and Ýr Jóhannsdóttir. Homepage:

Worlds of Puppets

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11th January

World Of Puppets is a production company

Founded by Bernd Ogrodnik ( artistic director, director, puppet builder and performer ) and Hildur M. Jonsdottir ( executive director and project manager ), “Worlds of Puppets” serves as a production company of performances and special creations of Puppets, Marionettes and Masks for Theater, Opera, Film and Television.

The Company frequently travels to all corners of the world, performing, directing, and offering master-classes and seminars.

Worlds of Puppets operate a theater in Reykjavik, based at the National Theater of Iceland where Bernd serves as the master puppeteer.

 Worlds of PuppetsAtt The National Theatre of IcelandHverfisgata 19101 ReykjavikIceland


Contact us

Bernd OgrodnikTel: +354 894 3337bernd@worldsofpuppets.comHildur M. JonsdottirTel: +354 895


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11th January

Folk Opera Iceland

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11th January

Folk Opera Iceland is an Icelandic opera company that strives to introduce opera to new corners of our society. Our dream is to break the cultural barrier that surrounds opera and make it accessible to all classes and ages.

We produce small scale productions that are mobile in order to run our show in public spaces such as bars, parks and hospitals.

Folk Opera Iceland was founded by Ísabella Leifsdóttir (Singer), Signý Leifsdóttir (Arts Manager), Sigríður Didda Aradóttir (Arts Manager) and Ingólfur Árnason (Director) in 2011.

Current Production

Folk Opera Iceland is working on producing a new opera by Michael Betteridge and Ingunn Lára Kristjánsdóttir called The Echo Chamber.

Previous Production

Our first production was La serva padrona in Icelandic (Ráðskonuríki) which we had arranged for classical guitar accompaniment. La serva padrona includes two singers and an actor so with the guitarist we only have four people … Read More »

The professional amateurs

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11th January

The Professional Amateurs were founded in May 2005, a group of established artists interested in pushing borders and making theatre that is reflective by nature. The Professional Amateurs offer their audience progressive theatre free and independent in process, form and content. They neither regard their performances as entertainment nor a convenient product but rather as a dialog between actors and audience about relevant issues concerning the human nature and until this day have not accepted any admission fees. Currently the group is working on a Quintology; a series of five “Eternal” pieces that address the human template.

The Professional Amateurs


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