About AITI

The Alliance of Professional Theatres Companies was established in 1985 by the representatives of six independent theatre groups. The main objective of the alliance was to solve the housing problems of independent companies and to improve working environment. Twenty-three years later, the alliance is operating on the same grounds despite the fact that its name has been changed to the Association of Independent Theater in Iceland (AITI). Today, there are on average 50 companies on our members list and covers a wide range of the performing arts. The groups all work according to their own artistic direction and new writings, children’s works, originality and innovation activities have been at the forefront. In addition, independent companies have been powerful in the expansion of Icelandic performing arts.

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SL supports the ever-changing activities of the performing arts groups so that they can respond effectively to societal challenges and being a dynamic and responsive to the art world. For artistic development to occur it is necessary to create conditions for the performing arts for development based on extensive research and experimentation in the methods of performing arts. The freedom and creativity of the artists is based on the financial independence of the field so the independent performing artists can foster social responsibility, vision and artistic ambition.

In 2004, SL hired a general manager and an runs an office where we disseminate information regarding performing arts on a national and international level and where artists can get assistance with applications, funding and much more.

SL runs Tjarnarbíó Theatre and initiated the reconstruction of the theater for independent companies. Tjarnarbíó Theatre was reopened on 1st October, 2010 after a major overhaul. www.tjarnarbio.is

SL is a member of The Federation of Icelandic Artists, BÍL, the Museum of Performing Arts, European Association of Independent Performing Arts (EAIPA) and IETM (International Network of Performing Arts). SL is also a member of Icehot Reykjavik and was on the preparation board of Icehot Reykjavík 2018.


Fréttir og tilkynningar úr starfi sjálfstæðra sviðslistahópa. Sendið okkur póst á leikhopar@leikhopar.is

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