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In response to requests from applicants, the submission deadline for applications to the India Theatre Programme has been extended to 30 April 2016.

Do note, the applications are being considered on a  rolling basis. The decision on the application  will be conveyed within five working days from the date we receive the application. Keeping this in mind, we strongly urge applicants to send in their applications at the earliest to give you enough time for travel and other personal arrangements.

If you have any queries, please feel free to email us on We look forward to receiving your applications.

For further information about the application process, please look through our website

The India Theatre Programme

2nd July – 31st July 2016

Pondicherry, India

Application Deadline – 30 April 2016


The Drama School, Mumbai invites applications from theatre makers, actors, dancers and performance artists for this intensive 4 week training and creation workshop in Pondicherry, India.


This immersive residency is for 24 individual practitioners from across the world, seeking to inform and enhance their own personal practice through understanding universal principles of performance as found in three Indian traditional performing art forms. The training will be conducted by nationally recognized masters of these forms, and guided throughout by the award winning ex-director of The National School of Drama, India’s foremost training institution for the dramatic arts.


Indian dramatic practice dates back to the 1st century BCE, if not earlier, and its fundamental principles have informed performance practices from across the world (such as Grotowski, Stanislavsky, Zarrilli and Schechner to name a just a few).


The first three weeks of the programme will be dedicated to training in the various forms and understanding the principles that can be taken into contemporary practice, the final week will be a guided creation exercises designed to assimilate and apply these learnings.


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