Norræn menningarhátíð í Southbank 2017

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Southbank Centre í London kallar eftir hugmyndum og verkefnum vegna Norrænnar menningarhátíðar 2017

Working with the three key themes of children and young people, gender equality and sustainability we will present the following festivals throughout 2017.

Children and Young People 

1. Imagine – demonstrating that all children flourish if they have the chance to explore their imagination. February 2017
2. WHY What’s Happening for the Young? – making children’s rights matter. October 2017
3. Strive – providing the opportunity for creative young people to build their professional future. July 2017

Gender Equality 

4. Women of the World – celebrating the potential of girls and women, and confronting the causes of inequality. March 2017
5. Being a Man – addressing the challenges and pressures of masculine identity. November 2017


6. Festival of Love – advancing the philosophy that Love is the most effective method of making good changes in the world. July 2017
7. London International Literature Festival – exporting the most contemporary ideas and linking the world’s passions and problems through poetry and literature. October 2017
8. Chorus – proving that singing together strengthens community. April 2017
9. Alchemy – celebrating the exchange of ideas between the UK and the Indian Subcontinent. May 2017
10. Africa Utopia – asking how Africa can solve the West’s problems. September 2017

We are committed to working with all seven nations within the Nordic countries. I would like to suggest that you present ideas in relation to the festivals above both to your National Coordinator Arnfríður Valdimarsdóttir, and to me at by 14. 03. 2016.

Please ensure that this is no more than two pages and there is a clear and concise relationship to one of the festivals outlined above.

The content should cover the following:
250 words maximum about you or your organisation(s) with any associated web links
250-500 words describing a project (existing or new) explaining how it links to one of Southbank Centre’s festivals
Estimated costs required to bring the work to the UK – please discuss with your coordinator if unsure
Whether there is any funding in place or opportunities to apply for funding

What you hope to get out of the project and the opportunity and the benefits that you would envisage for artists, audiences the Nordic Council of Ministers and Southbank Centre
The name of a referee that we could contact to discuss your work

Unfortunately we will not be able to offer programme opportunities for everyone and so please understand that any decision is not a reflection on the quality of the work.

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