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A reminder from Satellit. Please submit your performances before December 15th!

The festival takes place in Gothenburg and West Sweden, March 2015. We are looking for dance productions from all over the Nordic countries, and are now welcoming all Nordic groups with dance productions made for young audiences to register at our website. The selection of productions that will be invited to participate in the next festival is made by an artistic advisory group during winter 2013-2014. The size of the festival and the number of performances that will be selected, is determined during next year and the decision regarding participation will hopefully be announced during spring 2014. Registration is open a little while still, so please feel free to register your dance production!

Deadline for registration: December 15th 2013.
Our ambition is to create a varied festival program, featuring performances of high artistic quality. In selecting which performances to present, we are using the following criteria.
The performance should be
– created and made by an independent group, choreographer or company active in one of the Nordic countries
– created for young audiences, ages 0-12 years
– choreographed and performed by professional choreographers and companies
– thoroughly tested on the intended target group
– able to perform as a part of Satellit between March 12-15th 2015 and be able to tour the western parts of Sweden before or after the festival
– have premiered prior to Satellit
Register online here >>>. Please attach a linked clip to your production or a DVD with your production in 3 copies, sell sheets and any possible review/critique of the production.
Feel free to forward the information to other people who might want to participate!
Kind regards
Anna Hagberg Wennerbeck – Artistic Director
Hanna Uddenberg – Project Manager
Hanna Uddenberg
Phone +46 (0)31-82 74 93

Satellit – dance festival for children & young audiences

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