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The next NOBA network meeting is soon upon us and we hope to see as many of you as possible at Showbox in Oslo! 

Network meeting at Showbox, December 5th.
As we wrote in the last newsletter the next network meeting will be held in Oslo on December 5th during Scenekunstbrukets festival Showbox. The topic for this meeting is Quality and Aesthetics. What do we mean by the concepts quality and aesthetics? How do we relate to this? How do you form your own judgement? What kind of geographical and cultural differences are there? Is it possible that aesthetics may influence the evaluation of quality? This is an ongoing discussion and a comprehensive question, but it is a very relevant discussion indeed. We aim at a dialogue seminar with short presentations, followed by questions from the audience. The meeting is free of charge, open to everyone and will be rounded off with food and socializing! Read more here.Place: Black Box Teater, Marstrandgata 8, Oslo
Time: December 5th, 15:00 – 18:00 (The party starts at 18:00)

Schedule for December 5th
– The performance Vårherres Klinkekule by Sølvi Edvardsen / Akershus Teater, age group 6-9 years.
– Dialogue seminar. Moderator: Gerhard Verfaillie / The Crocus Festival, Belgium. – Representatives from different countries present their thoughts on and/or their work with quality and the assessment of quality from their own personal viewpoint.
– Presentation: Quality for your money? A presentation of The Department for Culture’s evaluations project concerning the degree of artistic quality found within the different institutions.
– The program concludes with some socializing accompanied by food and beverages
Online survey form
We have just launched an online survey addressed to professional dance groups and choreographers producing dance for children and young audiences in the Nordic-Baltic countries. The aim is to create an online catalogue of Nordic-Baltic dance performances, companies and choreographers creating dance for young audiences hosted on the NOBA web site. Please help us build this online catalogue and fill out this survey or help us spread this to whomever it may concern!
New additions to the Steering Group
We would also like to welcome two new names to the NOBA steering group. From Helsinki, Finland we welcome Riita Aittokallio, General Manager at Glims & Gloms dance company and from Tallin, Estonia, Raido Bergstein, General Manager at Eesti Tantsuagentuur, Chairman of Board at Eesti Tantsukunstnike Liit/Estonian Dance Artists Union and General Manager at Tantsuteater Zick.
Until the official web site is launched, please “Like” us on Facebook for regular updates on upcoming activities.
Becoming a member?
To become a member of NOBA, please email name, organization, function and country of residence to and you will be added to the network.Hope to see as many as possible of you in Oslo next week!

Best Regards

Malin Enberg, network coordinator (SE)


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